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BIG OPEN – by Tina Richerson

Saxophonist, composer, arranger, educator relocating to Portland Oregon (Sept 30th 2016) is a band leader, freelance musician and music teacher specializing in connecting others to their higher self through music.  Yep, that’s right.

Music is the most powerful tool we have  connect and unify hearts and minds, repair and inspire the soul inso doing, changing the landscape of our shared reality.

Tina grew up a faithful Mormon girl and when she realized she was lesbian everything shattered.  Music was the glue that kept her in one piece. From the 5th grade on saxophone became Tina’s voice and freedom.  After a 20 year journey Tina stands on solid ground and is giving back by sharing joy and love through music.  She is currently working on her autobiography “Reconciliation” her journey as a Gay Mormon.

Years of dedicate study has brought Tina opportunities to learn from great teachers such as Don Lanphere (Woody Herman Herd), Robert Miller (Stan Kenton), Mike Brockman (SRJO), Marc Seals, Tom Collier, Cynthia Mullis, Peter Apfelbaum, and all the endless education you can get from You Tube and the Charlie Parker Omni Book!

“Tina Plays like she has angles and demons whispering to her at the same time.  The result is always surprising and enlightening”

Daniel Barry

Currently Tina leads her self titled Jazz Quartet with Pianist Eva Novoa, Michael Bates and Rob Garcia.  Past projects include the Tina Richerson Trio with Ruben Radding and Andrew Drury, the Big Daddy and the Dads and Hard Bop or Naught.  Tina is a member of the Tiptons Saxophone Quartet and Drums, The Circus Amok Band and tours with Singer Songwriter and Musical Composer Erin McKeown.  She has played in many New York City Based Ensembles such as: Dawn Drake and Zapote, The Unemployed Fortune Tellers, Terry Dames Monkey on a Rail, the Jessica Lurie Ensemble, Geo Wythe, Viva Deconcini’s Rock and Roll Burlesque and more.

Tina moved to New York City in 2006 after 10 years in Seattle where she co-led jazz quintet “Hard Bop or Naught” with trumpeter Erik Esvelt, was a member of Seattle Womens Jazz Orchestra, Mallet Jazz, Love Must Swing, and a played extensively in the Seattle Big Band scene.

“Up Against the Rail!” is Tina Richerson’s first album, recorded with Reuben Radding and Andrew Drury. She has recorded 5 albums with the Tiptons, with Electric VivaGeo WyethEmma and others.  She also recorded the music track to the Television Show “This Old House” which aired in April of 2009.

Richerson started playing saxophone at the age of 11.  She started private lessons after rebuilding her first car engine to drive the 400 mile round trip to study with the Professor of Saxophone at the Univeristy of Idaho at age 16.  She later graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.M. and attended the University of Washington where she graduated with a Master of Music in saxophone performance.

Richerson is currently in a writing retreat in Missouri where she is working on her autobiography “reconciliation”.