Cross Examination

I love the people that show up randomly in my world. Everyone teaches me something. I have learned a few valuable things lately about language, action and speaking positively. It brought me to ask myself a few questions today.

If I profess to love others, what in my daily actions prove this?

Can I increase the intent in my heart and thoughts to put others needs before my own?

What ideas do I hold onto about myself keep me from seeing others as my cherished family?

Can I have more gratitude for all blessings in my life, and aim to share those blessings with others? If I am blessed with feeling love, how can I share that feeling in my words and deeds with a stranger or a loved one?

Can I change my attitude to be more aligned with love?

Can I give thanks for all that I have by taking 15 seconds to stop and recognized the joy that is in my life?

Today as I start my day, I surrender to my weakness and ask the great creator and lover of my soul, for guidance, to be filled with love and do the work God has me to do. May I be his hands and speak words of love.



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