After a hart felt prayer to God at age 13, I knew I was Gay, and it was the most frightening thing in my world. I spent nine years in denial, followed by more years of struggle and failed efforts to”pray the gay away”. After exhausting every avenue to make myself straight, I turned it over to God, and was surprised to realize God had no intention of making me straight. Instead, He lead me through experiences to learn self acceptance, honesty and gain unshakable faith in God.

It is my unending love of God and empathy of others that brings me to write an account of my life and the journey of my faith. I hope that sharing my experiences and struggles will help individuals, parents, grandparents, friends, church leaders and others who face reconciling same sex attraction and their faith.

If you would like to get a copy of my book (not yet published) please sign up here. Thank you for your interest and I’ll let you know when the book is available!


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