“Tina is an inspiring musician and incredible teacher. I have been Tina’s colleague, supervisor, and admirer for years. Her skills are impeccable, she gives her work 200% of her attention, and her dedication and enthusiasm are contagious, which makes her students successful” Sarah Ferholt


“Tina is an amazing saxophonist! She is patient and an excellent instructor! I highly recommend her!” Rochelle Barainca


“Tina is a fantastic and knowledgeable saxophone and woodwinds teacher. She is a clear communicator and creative instructor.” Jessica Lurie


“I had the privilege of playing with Tina on many occasions. She is a wonderful musician with a heart of gold. She connects with her audience and bandmates in a uniquely soulful way. I would highly recommend her as a teacher and as a performer.” Alex Levin


“I’ve known Tina for over 20 years. She is an extremely talented musician and a wonderful human being. Tina is a great teacher and very easy to work with. Any student will be very pleased with the breadth of her knowledge and skills.”
Cherisa Zafft


“Tina is an awesome musician, and wonderful teacher!!”
Sue Orfield